Airport Manager Adventures – Airport Simulator

Let’s Explore the City Airport! Capture all of the fun, energy, and excitement of a real, working airport. Check out the ticket counter in the airport terminal and see how the ground crew prepares for the flights. Sneak behind the scenes and find out where the baggage really goes and comes back from.So, begin your incredible tour to the Airport! The game will show how you all the amazing things that happen from arriving at the airport to flying in the plane. Features: – Cartoon Graphics & Fun Sound Effects with lots of characters to interact with! – Learn the Rules of carrying Luggage and Hand Bags – Enjoy Plane Simulation and Learn how the Airport works – Learn the duties of Airport security, flight manager, staff duty and many more – Help the Air Hostess to serve Food to Passengers – Clean the Plane and repair minor technical problems – Help to cleanup the Airplane seats and its interior – Learn fine motor movement, sensory skills & other engaging activities! – Cleanup the Dirty Plane in Aircraft Washing & Repairing level Buy flight tickets and get a Visa. Check the passenger’s passport and put badge on their passport, according to their destination country. Check Passengers and their Bags by X-Ray Scanner. Place your luggage on the scanner, and see if any non-allowed items from your bags get picked up by the X-Ray machine! Make sure your don’t lose your luggage! Be a good airplane manager and get the work started now! Help passengers to buy in-flight food items like burgers, sandwiches and cold-drinks and coffee. Give your best at cash register cashier duty in airport canteen. Take the responsibility of the airport terminal. Do the best airplane manager duties and prove that you are best for all airport management! This game lets you test your multi tasking skills! Try landing all the planes on their proper parking lots and sending the passengers to the right terminals at the fastest time. Be a good Pilot and land your Plane safely on the runway! So, Are you ready to begin your Airport Adventures?

Let s Explore the City Airport Capture all of the fun energy and excitement of a real working airport Check out the ticket counter in the airport terminal and see how the ground crew prepares for the flights Sneak behind the scenes and find out wher
Play this game Airport Manager Adventures – Airport Simulator free enjoy play no data download

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